Thu, 08/25/2016

The 5th bioinformatics training course took place at the  PHOENIX centre that hosted by National Centre For Protein Sciences﹒Beijing(dubbed as the PHOENIX Centre),Beijing Proteome Research Center(BPRC),the State Key Laboratory of Proteomics.Bringing together members from different organizations contains Peking University,Fuwai Hospital,Nanjing University,Jilin Agricultural University and so on,and trainers from bioinfornatics platform at PHOENIX centre,Henning Hermjakob,Weimin Zhu,Dong Li,Dong Yang. This training introduced you to approaches used for finding, analysing and using proteomics data,and gave a piece introduction to the analysis software.

The PHOENIX centre contributes to high-level research and high quality server,at meantime,provide technical trainng course  is also the major task,BPRC successfully hosted the 5th bioinformatics training course this year,looking forward to seeing you again.
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