Mon, 02/01/2016
Network biology group has released the first Bioinformatics Analysis Tool of Molecular mechanism of Traditional Chinese Medicine--BATMAN-TCM collaborated with Professor Wang is from Beijing University of Chinese Medicine.The paper has been published on the Scientific Reports.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), with a history of thousands of years of clinical practice, plays an important role in maintaining the health of peoples of Asia, and is gaining more and more application all over the world. However, owing to the diversity of TCM’s ingredients and the complexity of TCM’s interaction with human body, it is still quite difficult to uncover the underlying molecular mechanism of TCM. The clarification of the TCM’s molecular mechanism has become a bottleneck in TCM modernization and internationalization. BATMAN-TCM (aBioinformatics Analysis Tool for Molecular mechANism of Traditional Chinese Medicine) is the first online bioinformatics analysis tool specially designed for the research of molecular mechanism of TCM.