Thu, 11/10/2016

Instructed by the spirit of the central chief scientist He Fuchu and the invitation of the China Resources Group, the political commissar of Academy of Military Medical Sciences Institute of Radiation and Radiation Medicine Wang Han ,Bei Zhen,the deputy director, director of the Center Jun Qin and his party investigated China Resources Group headquarters on Nov.1st.The chair of China Resources Group Yuning Fu,the strategic management department general manager Ying Chen, and other concerned people attended forum.Both sides  friendly discussed about the life medical cooperation and signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement.

The chair of China Resources Group extended a warm welcome to all the guests, introduced the development plan of Huarun life science industrial park. He pointed out that the Life Science Industrial Park focuses on life sciences and related industries, provides the hardware facilities, finance, professional technology and other services needed for its development by advantages resources in the fields of medicine, medical treatment, finance and real estate development.Hope the two sides to improve people's livelihood and establish a comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership with China Resources Life Science Industrial Park.

Han gave a detailed introduction of Phoenix centre that is funded by National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC). The PHOENIX Center is dedicated to research and services in protein biology and chemistry, and ultimately to the improvement of human health and economic welfare.Hope that the two sides to achieve mutual benefit and win-win for human health and contributions to human health.